My Dreams and Hopes

My dream for this young company is very big. I want to do international contracts with artists around the world, gain a name for it, and yes, earn BIG. But behind those goals are reasons that have been burning inside me since I began as a young musician.

I started out late in playing cello and reading literature about music. I am indeed almost an illiterate. I know some, but I the little I know is even considered elementary, and trivial. I will work hard to be better, however, I must accept the fact that I may not become a world-famous cellist, whose talents and skills the world will applaud on. But, I can do better. I can focus on people's lives, people's welfare and interests, my country's honor, my school's pride, my family's reputation, and most of all, my God's pleasure. And that, I CAN do.

With that said, I dream that Filipino Musicians could gain a reputation in the world as world-class. Im not saying we are not, but we can still do better. I want another spot for our nation in the world wide race for excellence. Through this small company, I would like to reach a market that targets recordings. And since labor costs are a lot cheaper here, I could use that as an edge in the competition, until such a time other international recording artists lower their prices, then we could compete at their rates.

Another dream is simply about performing worship songs in a new perspective. Most worship songs today focus on the rhythm section of the orchestra, in other words, the band! But my goal is to incorporate the strings section once again to most church concerts. Aesthetically it is superior, and above all, LIVE is the best!

My dreams are simple, yet attainable. May God bless this endeavor with His presence and guidance. By the way, we're doing another big thing next week!